Care instructions ...for your compression stockings

Washing instructions for correct cleaning of compression stockings

Washing hints for in between and on journeys:

A daily wash in the washing machine isn't practicable for most people, and it's not recommended for the environment either. Washing compression stockings by hand isn't really that much of an effort, so the hand wash can be integrated in everyday routine like brushing your teeth.

Why should medical compression stockings be washed every day?

Apart from reasons of hygiene, the compression is reduced slightly by being stretched on the leg and this is restored by washing and drying, which plays a very important role in keeping the individual stocking measurements exactly the same. Only a freshly washed stocking acts on the leg because the stocking loses some of its shape due to the anatomy of the leg and the wash restores it to its original shape. Those who don't wash their stockings for days will not have the required pressure on their legs to enable them profit from compression therapy. Furthermore, the daily wash helps the stocking to keep its elasticity and compression properties for a period of six months.

Care is so easy

... that it can become as natural as cleaning your teeth.